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Video head impulse Tests with a remote camera system

Normative Values of semicircular canal Vestibulo-Ocular reflex gain in infants and children

This study presents a method for the video head impulse test (VHIT) that uses remote video to assess balance in infants. Traditional VHIT requires uncomfortable goggles, unsuitable for young children.

SYNAPSYS VHIT provides reliable results in infants as young as 3 months old. The test takes just 5-10 minutes and tracks head and eye movements during rapid head turns.

Researchers measured balance function (VOR gain) in over 300 healthy subjects, including 274 children (2.6 months - 15 years) and 26 adults. They found a rapid improvement in balance until around age 6, followed by a slower progression to adult levels by age 16.

This study establishes normative values for VHIT in children, aiding diagnosis of balance problems. Notably, VHIT testing before cochlear implants could help prevent total balance loss in children with some remaining function. This could mitigate severe developmental issues.


Source: Wiener-Vacher SR and Wiener SI (2017) Video Head Impulse Tests with a Remote Camera System: Normative Values of Semicircular Canal Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Gain in Infants and Children. Front. Neurol. 8:434. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2017.00434

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Sidney I. Wiener

Research Director at CIRB, Collège de France
dr Sylvette Wiener-Vacher

Sylvette Wiener-Vacher

Paediatric ENT specialist

Paediatric ENT specialist based at the Robert Debré Hospital and the Centre de l'Audition.


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