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Inventis Maestro software
Software suite


As an orchestra has its conductor, so Maestro is the core of your Inventis instruments set-up, allowing you to easily manage the patient data and fully interact with your audiology equipment, bringing your daily practice to a new level of technology. 

Thanks to the integrated modules, Maestro gives you the chance to control all the Inventis Audiology Equipment, switching easily from Audiometry, to Tympanometry, HIT, REM and Video-Otoscopy.

Thanks to Hy-Tech, the Inventis hybrid technology, you can fully control you audiometer Bell, Harp or Piano through the computer using Maestro.

All the Inventis audiological devices feature Live View: through Maestro you can see the exam while in progress on the display of your computer.

Maestro allows the user to choose the configuration of his database. It can be installed with proprietary database, with a Noah database (as a Noah module) or without database.

Maestro with a proprietary database can work on a single computer, or it can be installed in a network environment. In this way, the medical records and exam results can be easily consulted from any other computer on the local network.

Easy user experience
Intuitive interface
Maestro is designed to simplify your work with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Suitable for all needs
Three operating modes
Choose how to install it: with or without proprietary database, or as a Noah module.
All in one
One software for everything
Maestro gives you the ability to control all your Inventis equipment through a single software.

Operating modes
  • Noah module
  • Stand-Alone with proprietary database
  • Stand-Alone without database functions (file based)
  • Third-party Applications (exchange data with external applications): MII proprietary protocol and GDT standard
Available tests
  • Audiology exams
  • REM
  • HIT
  • Video-Otoscopy
  • Video and Images acquisition
  • Questionnaire
Compatible devices
  • Triangle (Audiometer)
  • Bell (Audiometer)
  • Harp (Audiometer)
  • Piano (Audiometer)
  • Piccolo (Audiometer)
  • Cello (Audiometer)
  • Trumpet (REM, Audiometer)
  • Drum (HIT)
  • Flute (Middle-Ear Analyzer)
  • Clarinet (Middle-Ear Analyzer)
  • Viola (Middle-Ear Analyzer, Audiometer)
  • Timpani (Handheld Tympanometer, Audiometer)
  • Delfino (Otoscope)
  • Harmonica (Otoscope) 
  • MediCam (Video-endoscopy camera)
  • MediCam HD (HD Video-endoscopy camera)
  • Flexia 2 (Video-Nasopharyngoscope)
  • Analog-to-USB video converter 
  • Analog-to-USB video converter HD

Interface with equipment

USB connection

PC minimum requirements


  • Intel® i5, 6th generation or above, 8 GB RAM

Operating System:

  • Windows 10 and Windows 11, 64 bits

Display resolution:

  • Suggested 1920 x 1080 or higher (zoom factor 100% or 125%)

Local network (only for db installation in network folder):

  • 1 Gb/s
NOAH minimum requirements NOAH 4.4 or greater (or NOAH Engines supporting NOAH 4.4 or greater)
Software support Remote assistance tool: included
Software updates Available for free
MII interface Library for interfacing Maestro with 3rd party software available upon request (IT technician intervention requested)



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