Diagnostic tympanometer and Diagnostic OAE

Sentiero Desktop

Sentiero Desktop Path Medical
Diagnostic tympanometer and Diagnostic OAE

Sentiero Desktop

The Sentiero Desktop diagnostic unit provides Class 1 Tympanometry, Ipsi/Contra reflexes, ETF, Multi-Frequency testing combined with DPOAE.

Sentiero Desktop is a product developed and  manufactured by PATH MEDICAL.

PATH MEDICAL is a Germany based, innovative company that prides itself on cutting edge technologies to simplify the workflow for the healthcare professional.

PATH MEDICAL is distributed in the US by Inventis North America and its affiliates.

Fast tymp. testing
Simultaneous multi probe-tones stimulation
A single recording to obtain four different traces (226, 678, 800 & 1,000 Hz).
Multichannel DPOAE testing
Two pairs of frequencies can be tested at the same time per ear.
Time saving
Bilateral measure for DPOAE
Save up time by testing both ears simultaneously.

Dimensions 150 x 210 x 45 mm
Weight ca. 475 g
Display 240 x 320 pixel
  graphic LCD 5"
  resistive touch screen
Output voltage and nominal impendance (headphone socket) 5 Vpp, 32 Ω
Power consumption max. 2 W
Memory capacity up to 1000 patients
  ca. 1000 tests (dependent on test type)
Manufacturer Path Medical

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