PC-based portable


Inventis Piccolo user-friendly software
Inventis Piccolo suitable for all needs
PC-based portable


Piccolo is a portable computer-controlled audiometer, offering air, bone and speech audiometry functions. A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.


To best fit different needs, Piccolo is available in three versions: 

  • Speech: pure tone and speech audiometry - AC and BC outputs. Only the Speech model includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid and Qui- ckSIN™.
  • Basic: pure tone audiometry - only AC output
  • Plus: pure tone audiometry - AC and BC outputs 


Piccolo is extremely light (less than 300 grams), boasts a very small fo- otprint, and does not even need a power supply when controlled through the computer. It is therefore the perfect solution for anybody seeking a top quality portable audiometer. 


Connect Piccolo to the USB port of your computer and you are ready to go. There is no need to install a driver or even plug in a power supply. You can control Piccolo through the Maestro’s amazingly user-friendly interface, available also for Noah software.

Inventis Piccolo available in three versions
Portable system
300 grams
Piccolo is extremely handy and easily transportable. It weights only 300 grams (10 oz).
User friendly
Only one cable to control and power the system
Suitable for all needs
3 different models
Choose the model that best fits your needs

Intensity AC: -10 to 120 dB HL
BC: -10 to 80 dB HL 
Frequency range 125-8000 Hz
Input Basic, Plus: tone, warble tone
Speech: tone, warble tone, EXT1, EXT2, Mic
Masking Basic, Plus: NBN
Speech: NBN, WN, SN
Output Basic: AC L+R
Plus, Speech: AC L+R, BC
Talk over External microphone
Conn. to PC USB
Compatible sw Inventis Maestro (stand-alone or Noah module)
Language Multilingual interface
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 3 cm
6.3 x 6.3 x 1.2 in. (DxWxH)
Weight 0.31 kg / 0.68 lbs