Unveiling the new cutting-edge features of our Cello

Cello diagnostic audiometer new features

Revolutionize your audiology practice with cutting-edge hardware and dynamic software enhancements.

The refreshed Cello isn't just about a new look; it's about a whole new experience
With innovative hardware and software features, we're setting a new standard in audiology.

Cello now boasts two powerful additions: 

  • Up to 3 animated toys as pediatric reinforcements. 
  • An assistant monitor to supercharge your examinations.

Animated toys as reinforcements 

Cello audiometer offers a versatile solution for pediatric hearing exams, harnessing the power of two popular approaches: Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) and Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA).
Our new Cello takes pediatric audiometry to the next level. How? By providing not just the standard three LCD displays where images and animations from Maestro software can be shown, but also the ability to integrate up to three animated toys directly connected to Cello's rear panel. These toys are seamlessly controlled from Maestro. This exciting new feature ensures that a child's attention and cooperation are maximized during the exams, making the process more engaging and effective than ever before

Assistant Monitor

When working with uncooperative pediatric patients, a second operator is invaluable. Our assistant monitor bridges the gap, allowing seamless communication between operators. This means that while one operator administers the tests, the other can maintain a dialogue and monitor progress.

Optional extension license and package

10562: Pediatric audiometry (VRA) extension package for Cello. Includes the license code, the desktop switch and the assistant monitor headphones. 

But that's not all!

Cello in combination with the Maestro Control Panel can elevate your audiology practice to new heights!

The Maestro Control Panel is your key to unlocking the full potential of Maestro software, especially during audiometric exams.

  • Connect Cello and the Maestro Control Panel via USB to your computer;
  • seamlessly control Maestro software during VRA and CPA exams, with dedicated buttons to select toys and manage the assistant monitor.

Please note that to access all these cutting-edge features, it's essential to update your software to the latest version, MAESTRO 1.22.1. Don't miss out on the advantages; ensure you stay up to date!

Are you ready to transform your audiology practice? 
Reach out to your dedicated sales representative at sales@invenits.it to get more information.


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