SYNAPSYS VHIT: get ready for the revamped version

redesigned SYNAPSYS VHIT

This is not just a makeover, but an entirely improved experience.

We are glad to announce that our SYNAPSYS VHIT has been redesigned and it is finally ready!

Our new SYNAPSYS VHIT represents a significant leap forward in terms of engineering, offering a powerful USB 3.0 camera with a native resolution of 1456 x 1088 pixels, providing unparalleled image quality and peak performance. In addition, it introduces an advanced daylight filter, meticulously designed to improve imaging in various lighting conditions.

Thanks to this major upgrade, you can count on:

  • unrivalled image accuracy
  • performance that adapts to different lighting conditions
  • improved diagnostic capability
  • greater efficiency and speed in diagnostic processes
  • greater comfort for the physician 
  • improved patient well-being

No motor brings simplicity

The elimination of the motor brings a number of advantages.
First, there is a significantly more precise process for adjusting eye framing, eliminating any mechanical complexity that could cause errors. This not only improves diagnostic accuracy, but also streamlines the examination process, benefiting both the healthcare provider and the patient.

Furthermore, the new SYNAPSYS VHIT introduces an impressive extended depth of field of approximately 10 cm, a significant improvement over the previous 1-2 cm. This extension ensures greater patient comfort during examinations and minimises the risk of losing focus or pupil recognition during critical examination manoeuvres. 

One-hand adjustable stand: unmatched convenience!

We have also further optimised convenience and comfort for practitioners with a redesigned stand that allows for one-handed height adjustment. With a simple click of the button and smooth sliding, you can customise the height from 71 to 107 cm. This enhancement not only makes the device easier to use, but also reduces the operator's physical effort, further improving the overall healthcare experience.


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