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Discover Symphonia: Revolutionizing Hearing Care with Virtual Sound Environments

Symphonia, developed by Inventis, stands as a cutting-edge counseling tool for Hearing Care Professionals. Designed to simulate realistic sound environments, Symphonia employs advanced auditory algorithms such as Ambisonic and Vector-Based Amplitude Panning (VBAP) to create immersive audio experiences. This innovative software allows patients to experience the benefits of hearing aids before purchase, through lifelike simulations of everyday noise scenarios and directional sound sources.

Sophisticated System Configuration

Symphonia's system setup is both versatile and user-friendly, designed to seamlessly integrate into professional environments. The configuration includes a computer with the Symphonia software, a multi-channel sound card such as the ESI Gigaport, and a variable array of three to eight speakers, depending on the room's size and acoustics. This system can be quickly configured using a wizard interface, guiding users through steps to place speakers in optimal positions around the patient, ensuring an accurate and effective auditory experience.

Advanced Sound Algorithms: Ambisonic and VBAP

At the heart of Symphonia’s sound simulation capabilities lie two sophisticated algorithms: Ambisonic and Vector-Based Amplitude Panning (VBAP). Ambisonic, developed at Oxford University in the 1970s, provides a rich, multidimensional sound environment by manipulating a sound field with spherical harmonics. This technique has been revitalized with virtual reality advancements, allowing for precise sound localization and a natural listening experience. Symphonia adopts a unique approach by integrating Ambisonic for creating broad soundscapes from real recordings, which is essential for simulating environments like busy streets or tranquil ocean waves. VBAP further enhances this by enabling sharp, directional audio cues, essential for simulating realistic auditory spaces. 

Developed in collaboration with Prof. Lorenzo Picinali from Imperial College London, Symphonia utilizes a hybrid solution that combines Ambisonic and VBAP. This collaboration has led to the adoption of VBAP for its superior spatial resolution, allowing pinpoint accuracy in the placement of point sound sources, such as individual voices or musical instruments, within the simulated environment. Together, these algorithms allow Symphonia to create highly accurate audio environments that can be customized for each patient’s needs, providing a comprehensive tool for auditory professionals.

Key Features

  • Realistic Sound Simulation: Whether it’s the hustle of a busy street, the chatter in a coffee shop, or the serene waves at the sea, Symphonia replicates these environments to demonstrate the effectiveness of hearing aids in various settings.
  • Professional Enhancement: By enabling detailed sound adjustments and simulating real-world acoustics, Symphonia not only boosts the confidence of patients in their hearing aids but also elevates the professionalism and service quality of auditory clinics.

Transforming Daily Practice

Symphonia is not just about hearing aid trials; it's an essential part of daily practice for audiologists. It supports detailed consultations, helping professionals assess and adjust the gains of hearing aids, and ensures that patients receive the most effective auditory solutions tailored to their environments.

For Patients and Professionals

The real-world simulations provided by Symphonia allow patients to understand and prepare for the challenges they might face in noisy environments, ensuring a smooth transition to using hearing aids in their daily lives. For professionals, the system’s simplicity and the detailed feedback it provides on hearing aid settings make it an indispensable tool in offering superior care.

Inventis is proud to offer Symphonia, a system that not only stands out for its technical sophistication and ease of use but also for its ability to make a real difference in the lives of those with hearing impairments. Experience the future of auditory care with Symphonia, where sound meets innovation to enhance hearing like never before.

Anna Scala

Anna Scala

Education manager, Inventis

Anna received her specialization in Biomedical Engineering from Padua University. She has worked as technical-data processing consultant, healthcare sector, for several years. At Inventis, as Education Manager, she is in charge of the company’s educational programs as well as of the scientific divulgation events for clinicians and audiologists.


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