Tele-audiology solution


Inventis Satellite real-time tele-audiology system
Inventis Satellite real-time tele-audiology system
Tele-audiology solution


Satellite is the revolutionary technology developed by Inventis that allows to interact and remotely perform complete hearing assessments on patients in real time.

The audiologist is administering the tests

Thanks to Satellite, the remote hearing test is performed directly from the examiner, who takes control of the diagnostic equipment located where the patient is.

Built-in video conferencing system

Satellite technology allows the video-conferencing feature to be built inside the diagnostic software, allowing the user to interact and test through the same screen.

Testing reports directly saved onto clinic’s database

Being part of the diagnostic software, Satellite technology makes possible for the exam report to be saved directly onto the clinic’s database.

CE and FDA certified hardware

All devices that mount Satellite technology are CE and FDA approved. In case of audiometers, it is granted for these units to be calibrated accordingly to ANSI or IEC standards.

Inventis Satellite certified hardware
Real-time tele-audiology system
Interact and remotely perform complete hearing assessments on your patients in real time.
Easy user experience
One single platform
Interact and test your patients through the same screen with the integrated video conferencing system.
Certified hardware
All devices that mount Satellite technology are CE and FDA approved.

Available tests Air conduction audiometry
Bone conduction audiometry
Speech audiometry
QuickSIN® test
Recommended setup Examiner site:
• Computer with Windows® OS
• Webcam and microphone
• Inventis Maestro diagnostic software
• Internet connection
• Valid Satellite license
Remote site:
• Computer or Tablet with Windows® OS (with built-in webcam)
• Satellite client App
• Internet connection
• Diagnostic equipment hardware (see compatible devices)
Compatible devices Inventis Piccolo Speech (Audiometer – AC, BC, Speech)
Inventis USB Video-Otoscope
Satellite license plans Satellite technology is available upon subscription of Satellite TeleAudiology yearly or quarterly plan.
Computer minimum requirements

• Intel® i3 or above 
• Resolution: 1366x768 (16:9)
• Scale and layout: 100% dpi (recommended)*
Operative system:
• Windows® 10, 32 or 64 bits

*: Higher scale settings can be set, but not with the lowest display resolutions.

Noah minimum requirements Satellite and Maestro are compatible with Noah. NOAH 4.4 or greater (or NOAH Engines supporting NOAH 4.4 or greater)
Software support Remote assistance tool: included
Software updates Available for free



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